Interview Question and Answers WCF-10

Will Windows Communication Foundation applications interoperate with Web services built with other technologi

Yes. By default,services built with WCF will communicate with other services based on the interoperable Web services specifications. This means that WCF services will communicate with any application built on an infrastructure that also conforms to these standards. Microsoft is deeply committed to p
latform interoperability and is an active member of key standards organizations defining the latest Web services standards.

How to set the timeout property for the WCF Service client call?
The timeout property can be set for the WCF Service client call using binding tag. If no timeout has been specified, the default is considered as 1 minute.

What are the core components of an Windows Communication Foundation service?
A host environment—an application domain and process—in which the service runs;
A service class, implemented in C# or VB.NET or another CLR-based language that implements one or more methods;
One or more endpoints that allow clients to access the service.

What are different elements of WCF Srevices Client configuration file?
WCF Services client configuration file contains endpoint, address, binding and contract.

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