Interview Question and Answers WCF-9

How does Windows Communication Foundation address Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)?
WCF is the first programming model built from the ground up to provide implicit service-oriented application development, enabling developers to work autonomously and build applications that are more version independent, thereby increasing application resilience to change.

How to deal with operation overloading while exposing the WCF services?
By default overload operations are not supported in WSDL based
operation. However by using Name property of OperationContract attribute, we can deal with operation overloading scenario.

interface Isum
[OperationContract(Name = "MultiplyInt")]
int Multiply(int arg1,int arg2);

[OperationContract(Name = "MultiplyDouble")]
double Multiply(double arg1,double arg2);

Notice that both method name in the above interface is same (Add), however the Name property of the OperationContract is different. In this case client proxy will have two methods with different name MultiplyInt and MultiplyDouble.

Is Windows Communication Foundation going to interoperate with my existing applications?
The current plan is for Windows Communication Foundation to provide wire-level interoperability with WSE3, System.Messaging, .NET Enterprise Services, and ASMX applications. With minimal or no changes to code, applications built with these technologies will be able to call Windows Communication Foundation services and be callable by Windows Communication Foundation services.

How to configure Reliability while communicating with WCF Services?
Reliability can be configured in the client config file by adding reliableSession under binding tag.

Reliability is supported by following bindings only:

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