WCF interview Questions

How do I serialize entities using WCF?
LINQ to SQL supports serialization as XML via WCF by generating WCF serialization attributes and special serialization specific logic during code-generation. You can turn on this feature in the designer by setting serialization mode to ‘Unidirectional’. Note this is not a general solution for serialization as unidirectional mode may be insufficient for many use cases.

What are different isolation levels provided in WCF?
The different isolation levels:

1. READ UNCOMMITTED: – An uncommitted transaction can be read. This transaction can be rolled back later.

2. READ COMMITTED :- Will not read data of a transaction that has not been committed yet

3. REPEATABLE READ: – Locks placed on all data and another transaction cannot read.

4. SERIALIZABLE:- Does not allow other transactions to insert or update data until the transaction is complete.

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